Searching again for land in Portugal

20 February. Meda de Mouros, Portugal.
After a wonderful journey through east and west Europe, in which we visited Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, and Arles, we are now back in Portugal and continue our quest for a piece of property. Spring is beginning and the temperatures will rise soon, and we are in good spirits that we will find something this year. Meanwhile, we are trying to connect with like-minded people, and our Facebook group is doing pretty well.

Driving home for Christmas

10 December 2014. Molliets et Maa, France.
We have been living in Portugal for three months, made friends, explored the countryside - and almost found a piece of land suitable for our purposes. We decided to travel to the Netherlands for Christmas, and return to Portugal early next year.

Moving on: Serra da Estrela via Lisbon

5 August, 2014. Udenhout, Netherlands.
We have enjoyed our stay at the edge of a quiet national park in the south of the Low Countries - but (how often did we use this cliché?) it is time to move on. We will be in Lisbon next week, couchsurf, enjoy the city, and travel north to the Serra da Estrela region.

Preparing for Portugal

16. June 2014. Udenhout, Netherlands.
We are finally preparing to live in a little house, somewhere in the green hills of Serra da Estrela, central Portugal - for a while. It seems to us that this is the right moment to do it. We will work on our writing and see to it that Miru is surrounded by the magic of the southern European countryside. Feel free to contact us if you are in the region.

Happy Easter Everybody

20 April. Vila Flor, Portugal / Seoul, Korea
We are still looking for a place to live in Spain or Portugal. While Yeon is currently visiting her family in South Korea, Kamiel is hitch-hiking in Portugal after a short stay with a wonderfully excentring philosopher in Ledesma near Salamanca, enjoying walks through its magical surroundings. He will visit ecovillages and communities in Portugal, before traveling north to Paris to attend the conference Ouisharefest on May 5-7th.
15. March, 2014, Madrid, Spain.
The founders of Charity Travel have been traveling in Spain for a bit more than a month now. We are searching for a place to live a sustainable life, devoting ourselves to permaculture, art, writing, and raising Miru. A couple of weeks ago, an incident reminded us of our privilege as citizens of rich nations. We were driving on a gorgeous countryside road in Cataluña, when our car stopped working, and started burning as soon as we got into safety.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014!

22 December. Udenhout, Netherlands.
Merry Christmas everybody! We wish all our readers and fellow charity travelers a joyous Christmas and a 2014 full of wonder and goodness. As for us, everything is going smoothly. We will finally head down to Spain after Christmas. Finding like-minded people doesn't seem too difficult, and we've met many families with the desire to move on toward a more sustainable living situation.

Autumn leaves. We stay in Berlin

2. October 2013. Berlin, Germany.
Yeon, Miru, and Kamiel are still in Berlin Kreuzberg. Anyone heading this way: welcome! Just drop us a line so we can plan your stay, as we tend to have many visitors through couchsurfing. The preparations for our transition village in Spain are going well. We are organizing through a Facebook Group. To those who are curious about this - don't hesitate to write us. We want to create a large group of a few hundred people, and then organically evolve into a dozen wonderful village groups. Here is a German documentary about the transition movement in Spain (from minute 15 in the video).

Berlin before winter

August 17, 2013. Berlin, Germany.
We have decided to live in Berlin for a while, pending Yeon's EU residency card and our preparation for life in Spain and in harmony. We also need a break from traveling and a place we can call home. Meanwhile, our daughter Miru is seven months old and still a wonderful baby - we feel blessed every day to have her around.

Malaysia/Korea: The Road Ahead

June 6. Kuala Lumpur/Seoul, Malaysia/South Korea.
What are the initiators of CT doing? Tomorrow, Yeon will be giving a talk at a University in Seoul about Charity Travel, while Kamiel is in Malaysia to travel, meet old friends, make new ones, and get in touch with sustainable living initiatives in the region. They will reunite mid July in Germany.